On The Line was developed to meet the special needs of the team leader. It recognizes the opportunities and problems created by the limited authority of team leaders.

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On The Line: Building Team Leader Skills

Ultimately, the success of any organization depends on how effectively Team Leaders, Shift Supervisors, Crew Foremen and other first-level supervisors are able to convert departmental and organizational objectives into specific, measurable actions by employees. On The Line (OTL) is our most successful and widely used Team Leader training program because it was designed to specifically target the needs of those with limited authority but high responsibility.

Instead of offering a generic supervisory training program that does not apply to the responsibilities of these unique positions, OTL provides a series of nine core units that can be offered as individual modules or as a 2-day workshop. Opportunities for practicing new skills include:On The Line

  • Industry-specific simulations that improve planning and organizational skills
  • Small group activities that increase leadership and teambuilding effectiveness
  • Specifically tailored case studies and videos that teach conflict resolution skills
  • Role-play situations that expand the skills necessary to motivate and coach other team members

Proven, measurable benefits of the OTL course include:

  • Increased work group performance from engaged and skilled supervisors
  • Enhanced job satisfaction for first-level supervisors
  • Improved morale and satisfaction for teams, crews and other workgroups

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